Stage Performance Guide For Bluegrass Bands

Does Your Band Need To Be More Entertaining?

If You Want Your Band To Be More Successful (And Get More Gigs) Then Here’s An Important Question To Ask Yourself…

Why Should Someone Buy A Ticket And Come To Your Live Show?

Or another way of saying it is… What does the audience really want?

You must understand that people don’t generally attend a live performance only to hear music. They go because they want to be entertained. They want to have a great time and experience something special and unique in addition to the songs. They want you to make them happy and give them a good feeling.

And that takes more than just music.

If an audience wanted to only listen to music they could stay home and listen to a CD. But they want more than that. They go to a live performance to…

  • SEE YOU perform your songs
  • HEAR what you have to say between songs
  • emotionally CONNECT with you
  • LAUGH with you
  • get to KNOW YOU BETTER
  • and ultimately BE ENTERTAINED!

And that’s where most bands fail.

The thing that will separate your band from the competition is your ability to make a meaningful connection with the audience and truly entertain them. For your band to be successful you must realize that it’s not “all about the music”. It’s really about the audience. It’s about giving them what they want.

At a live performance, what goes on in addition to the music is at least as important as the songs themselves.

Of course, your songs are extremely important, but there is so much more you can do to engage the audience. Too many bands know how to make good music but lack the skills needed to really grab the crowd.

When you make an emotional connection with your audience, and really entertain them, there is an added benefit for you… they are much more likely to buy your CD’s, T-shirts & other merchandise. They will want to take part of you (and some of that great feeling) home with them so they can feel that same way again later, every time they listen to your CD or wear your T-shirt. It’s about making memories… and making friends.

And the best part is this:  you’ll get more gigs, make more money, and have a lot more adoring fans IF your performance is truly entertaining.

Just because you know how to play music doesn’t mean you know how to perform.

It’s really sad that so many bands start out focusing on their songs and never get beyond just “making music”.

This Book Is Designed To Help You Develop An Engaging Stage Presence And Create Greater Intimacy With Your Audience

It contains no fluff… just hard-hitting information you need to take your band to the next level. Things like…

  • How to grab the audience by their emotions and make them love you! (If they don’t like you it doesn’t really matter how good a musician you are.)
  • How to exude confidence on stage without appearing arrogant. (You must get this right!)
  • How to get over stage fright so you can perform with power and confidence.
  • The importance of adding emotion to your vocals to better connect with the audience.
  • How to use comedy to really connect with the audience… and how it will hurt your show if you don’t do it right.
  • What to do if something goes wrong on stage so you don’t embarrass yourself.
  • The importance of your front man doing a good job of engaging the audience.
  • How to get the focus off yourself and on to the audience where it belongs.
  • And the #1 most important thing you must know for your band to be successful on stage. (And, as you might guess, it’s not about the music).
  • Plus a whole lot more!

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